Aquaviz Swim Mask with Insert

Photo of Aquaviz Swim Mask with Insert Aquaviz masks have a unique patent pending 'snap-in' lens insertion design. The prescription is held in a insert that clips into the masks. In this way you can swap between different styles. The Aquaviz Swim Mask is comfortable and has a watertight fit thanks to a dive-quality hypoallergenic skirt that securely adapts to a wide range of face shapes and is secured with gasket suction and silicone double head strap. The single gasket design means there is no uncomfortable bridge band and pressure is distributed evenly over the cheekbones and forehead, reducing the risk of headaches and 'goggle eyes'. The Aquaviz Snorkel Mask has all the same features as the Swim Mask, but with an integrated nose cover as well. Colours Avaiable: Blue/White, Blue/Silver, Purple/White.


Photo of Seal

The Seal is the first mask designed for both swimming and protecting your eyes during any water sport. The Seal combines the essential features of a diving mask (sealing, comfort and excellent visibility) with the quality of a swimming goggle (hydrodynamic and light weight).

This is not available in prescription but it is absolutely watertight so its is ideal for contact lens wearers.