i826 Cycling Spec with Interchangeable Front Lense

The i826 is an inexpensive but high quality frame suitable for a wide range of sports. Each frame is supplied with 3 interchangeable front lenses for different light conditions along with a prescription insert allowing the frame to be glazed to prescription.

Suitable for adults
Sport Suitability
Suitable for cycling, running, sailing, golf and fishing.

Prescription Suitability
Suitable for a wide range of prescriptions up to +/-6.00 with an opposite cyl to 3.00.
  Biifocal/Progressive prescription also available. For prescriptions outside this range please contact us.

Colour Options
The frame is available in 2 colours
Black with Silver Mirrored, Clear, & Orange front lenses

White with Blue Mirrored, Clear, & Orange front lenses


Frame Material
Frame :  nylon
Front lenses : polycarbonate
What’s included
You will receive the following
Frame, Prescription 
insert, 3 different interchangeable front lenses, protective case.

Optional Extra Lenses
Grey Polarised
Grey Photochromic

Further Information
If you would like any further information on this or any other product please feel free to contact us.

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