Perma Dyes
Perma Dyes
Inland’s Perma Dyes are formulated to provide you with consistent, high-quality
tinting. Each bottle of concentrated Inland Perma Dye makes one litre of
premium optical lens tinting dye. 118ml. concentrate.

DY-001 Black
DY-002 Grey
DY-003 S Grey
DY-004 Brown
DY-005 Cocoa
DY-006 S Brown
DY-007 Green
DY-010 Yellow
DY-011 Blue
DY-012 Rose
DY-013 Pink
DY-014 Red
DY-015 Sahara
DY-017 S G Green
DY-018 Autumn
DY-021 Lavender
DY-025 Orange
DY- 049 Lilac
DY-050 SW Black
DY-060 Royal Blue
DY-076 Buff
DY-078 Tru-Red
DY-079 Aqua
DY-200 Ultra Black
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