Salice 900
Salice 900 Ski Mask
Salice 900 Ski Mask
  • White frame with brown Polarised Photochromic acetate lens (CAT 2-3)
  • Black frame with brown Polarised Photochromic acetate lens (CAT 2-3)
  • 'OTG' Over the glasses or prescription insert available
  • Adult fit
  • Optional insert avaialble
The CRX Polarflex is a new generation lens which combines the technological
features of polarized and photochromic CRX lenses. The lens is double: the
inner lens is polarized: it absorbs light glares and removes the dazzle; the yellow
photochromic outer lens is activated by sun lights and change its colour according
to the weather conditions. The photo chromic lens passes from category S2 to S3
when the temperature is lower than +10°, from S2 to S4 when the temperature is
lower than -5°. When the altitude is over 2.000 mt, with UVB rays, it passes from
S2 to S4 with any temperature.
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